What is Life coaching?
It is a 2-way conversation between the coach and the coachee. The coach supports the client to specify what they want to achieve in fine detail. Barriers and fears are explored and plans are put in place to overcome these. Timeframes and accountabilities are set for a clear vision on what and how something is going to change. The sessions can be both powerful and effective if the coachee is fully committed to reach their goal.

What is NLP?
NLP stands for Neuro-Linguistic Programming and is a powerful tool for dealing with life. For example, you were not born to be afraid of heights, you learnt that behaviour at some point. Using different NLP techniques, the practitioner can reverse that learnt behaviour for you. NLP covers a wide range of things from your emotions and thoughts through to your behaviours. Everyone experiences the world differently, so the techniques used are specific to each individual. In group sessions, the practitioner uses techniques that are specific to that topic and people participation.

What is Hypnosis?
Hypnosis helps the individual to go into a very relaxed state of mind. This allows the hypnotherapist to put across suggestions and ways they can achieve their goals effectively. Most people go in and out of different states of mind during their normal day and using hypnosis helps you to go to a deeper level of relaxation.

What can 2way Coaching help me with?
Fears and Phobias – Flying, heights, needles, animals, germs
Weight Loss
Stop Smoking
Confidence and Motivation
Panic Attacks and Stress
Stronger Communicator
Public Speaking
Being More Successful
Achieving Goals
Behavioural Changes
Performance Improvement
Excel in Work
The list is endless……2way Coaching and the services it provides can pretty much cover any aspect of your life that you want to change and set goals for.

· Each service may be used individually or can be used altogether
· Clients may want a one-off or a series of session over a set period of time
· Sessions can be held on a one on one basis or as a group, sessions can be face to face, telephone or online

What is Business Coaching?
It is to help businesses grow and develop. To watch how people work to their best each day and get more of that behaviour at a much higher level consistently. To implement new strategies, action plans and to use proven best-practise systems.

What is a Management Development Coach?
2way Coaching will work alongside leaders, observing, giving feedback and holding coaching sessions. This will allow the coachee to recognise how they can improve on developing their people through key activities impacting the wider business goals and aims set.