If this was your best year, what would need to happen?

Janette Stevenson has worked with many people and businesses using Coaching, NLP and Hypnosis. She works either one to one or in groups to create change.

You can achieve anything when you have a desire and passion to get your goal.

I had a great 121 session with janette this morning, I have set my goals and looking forward to the end result….if anybody is thinking about doing this, I say, just do it, if it’s not for you, what have you lost, she’s a lovely girl and it all makes sense – just be open minded….good luck


Currently experiencing high stress in my home and work life, I decided to try the group sessions with Jeanette.
I must admit to being rather sceptical, and during the first session struggled to keep my mind focussed, but Jeanette reassured me that it was a matter of practice. Fast forward to session 2, and I felt I was less fidgety and able to prevent my mind from drifting. 
I’ve noticed I’m less anxious, and able to deal better with some of the situations that cause highest stress.
I really do recommend giving this a try, everyone should be allowed and able to relax – if you struggle with this in your life, then come and give this a go.